December 8, 2010

Increased velocity isn’t the answer.
We build against nature, speeding to slow it.
The city sparkled; she was high—

Satellites move faster than stars, I said:
white dots that burn without burning.
Most have never wished upon ice.
Every thirty seconds their dreams
freeze in horizontal stare.
The geometry is slighted;
you have to look up—

People are one or the other:
beach-goers or mountain types,
though some vote in-between.
I see ocean but stare at the hills.
A thousand times I’ve traced the tail.
I said: if you’re not searching
it’s because priorities are skewed.
You’re content to cheat the horizon.
The bubble burst with your birth
but you’ll never again break through.

LOCATION: Florianopolis, Brazil – Stargazing with Inga on my room’s porch hammmock; the lights of Lagoa da conceição can be seen all the way to the Atlantic.

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