January 26, 2011

I cut the tags from my clothes
not in any specific rage against
the companies that undid my nakedness
I just wanted to feel a few grams lighter.
Nameless under that thin spread of projection
you too are flying a temporary flag
but to say we’re dying is a cop out—

You tight tuck life into easy motions.
Sometimes I think you could pull off eternity
like endless summer backflips off the high board.
You say existence is waxen and sticks
to walls when the temperature rises
so I tracked its fever then hurried to where you
conduct your days from behind waterfall dreams.
Someone had to record our moment—

Words, you say, can’t replace the medicine of a kiss
but for decorative reasons I’m stringing
these lines in the space between us
essentially we’re tongue-tied together.

LOCATION: Diamantina, Brazil – Angela and I are packing bags in the hotel room to catch a bus back to Belo Horizonte.

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