February 16, 2011

A woman soaps up
her dog then herself
in a bucket shower near
the gas pumps. The mutt
pomps playfully as they glisten
in the summer sun. People watch.
People always watch before they forget
or become distracted with thinking others
are watching them. I’m watching with a Subway
sandwich in hand. The fake bricks and cold aluminum
make me feel real. The world turns and she’ll scrub privates
in public long after I’ve boarded a plane to some gloved and coated
winter. Here the cold has not yet invaded all sweat. I feel all dengue
and cannon fodder because the pirate ships came and stole all the fun
leaving wall building to the sons of merchants. Longer sentences and broad
terms give the sense of working toward a clean ending then it ends unresolved.

LOCATION: Salvador, Brazil – Watching a homeless woman wash herself and her dog using a gas station water hose.

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