February 2, 2011

All skin and bones
with photography in your pocket,
you were winning the world over
with subtle licks of satin lips—
Lightness of being verved up on fruit salad,
you walked like walking was new to you.
We the public knew sensational art
was bidding low down Rua Direita
in the rain to some hotel we imagined
always just a step outside city limits.
Despite your victories we couldn’t
center the world around you, so we stared.
I won’t speak for the rest but we was I
and I didn’t yet understand your motion.
Your animal blink in the space continuum
blotted out years of unnecessary gloom
because hurt can’t happen battened
behind decades worth of beauty—
Born a second off I’d have lived
without your ghost to guide me.

LOCATION: Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Remembering.

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