February 5, 2011

My birthday clicked over at midnight when the music
became undanceable and the girls walked away.
The plaza was mass humanity filling the cracks.
While the beer was taking effect few things mattered
more than finding someone to talk to then saying
something funny to keep their attention. It was when
thinking up an excuse to be funny that I realized
that thinking the confusion will disappear is the same
as designating happiness a dot at the end of a linear path.
The years have tallied to twenty eight—

Tonight I was moderately funny but looked damn good
dancing in my averageness that I wore tight around
my upper arm and tucked into sweaty knotted shoes.
Sunrise made me feel a god again as Jesus beamed
rose red on the hill before the morning clouds off Africa.
The salty wind, my reliable friend, the historical significance
of this sand, and these sons of slaves that are the funniest
people I’ve met transported me unchained to a place
where undivided attention is in abundance and a stare
over a plastic table actually means something.

LOCATION: Salvador, Brazil – Went out all night to celebrate my birthday and Eric’s arrival to Brazil; we watched the sunrise at the beach just three blocks from our hotel, near the peninsula with the huge Jesus statue.

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