March 18, 2011

Glittery generalities aside, I think of you
the way I think of puppies wrapped in warm blankets.
This is the only way I want you to think I think of you.
This will make our days likewise warm and fuzzy
smelling of ski resort doused in hot chocolate.
The fireplace will burn cinnamon minty with ambers
that don’t ash or spark outside the mantle.
This last part is important so we can sleep safely
on the bearskin without worrying about the deposit.
You need this as much as I do, so listen carefully:
on wintry nights when your bed is both too big
and too small for the memories huddled at the door,
drift your dreams off to meet mine at the window
and we’ll go sledding under a midnight full moon.

LOCATION: Araranagua, Brazil – Written inside the city’s firestation as fireman Rogerio cooks dinner.

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