May 24, 2011

Make yourself calm and confident
with the projection of colossalness.

In the mirror each morning
nicking at the tiny dreams that stayed
you’re bigger than what’s beneath you,
awash compared to what came before
or what will come after haze fits to water.

Purse your ruddy lips, rinse the burn
from your mouth, then walk to the edge
where ancestors made mammoths fly.

Your courage will waiver,
bone by bone, as you cull
to that stage like a flint-tipped arrow
through unstable air.

Before you drift back
to where eternal is just a word
with church memories attached

here is the secret to the hunt:
aim on the inhale, flick the wrist,
and watch without concern

as time slows to the stupid seconds
of your moment, then float away
on the kill shot.

LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Morning routine thoughts after a very arthritic awakening.

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