August 8, 2011

Today I feel straight talk
is better than oceans of adjectives.
For example, I like your morning hair,
how it curls upon itself like a waterfall
when you gather your things and rush out the door.
Sometimes my eyes follow it down the street.
It floats when you walk and you never look back.
Also, I think it’s clever the way you absorb sound
closing your eyes like curtains over reality.
Sometimes it seems you’re hiding in there
when you go silent and forget to return my texts
but deep down I know you’re just vibrating.
When your pupils awake constricted by light
I’m convinced it’s for the best, and breathe
calmly too. You’ve illuminated generously
the darkness of my many caves.
Thanks for that, really.

LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Poetry is such an awkward way to tell someone you care about them, that you appreciate their soul.

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