September 19, 2011

A train sounds in the distance.
Night between my ears and its echo.
I can color it any which way, watch.
Cop red and blue over beach bonfires.
Discordant river smoothed placid moon.
Dusty valleys split open by bicycle.
A smile wavelengthed crush and honey.
Something has happened, I can feel it.
My world is no longer about me.
That impressive cool came unboxed.
A friend went chasing life in the park
while an old lover’s day shift stole
the sun’s brightness. Many soundtracks
playing as winter rounds the bend.
A train sounds in the distance.

LOCATION: Lincoln, Nebraska – This poem was inspired by a telephone conversation with Eric who was in a rush to attend a concert and a nightcap text message from Valeria; life stands still for no one.

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