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November 5, 2011

Nobody is home, but I left the lights on for you….

365poems is an online journal of poems written daily over the past year. Its goal was to force me to observe my unfolding life experience in a more critical, purposeful way. Three hundred and sixty five days and two continents later, I’m happy to announce that the magic was discovered and rediscovered many times over, but not always in the way I would have imagined.

For lessons learned along the way, read my interviews here.
To watch/listen to poets who have inspired me, click here.

This site was a labor of love into which a considerable amount of time was invested. Click around the site—there are many surprises to be found. For your convenience below I’ve compiled lists of the most interesting poems that emerged from this project. Feel free to comment on or post to Facebook anything you like.

Though no new poetry will be added, 365poems will remain open to the public. You can support the site by supporting the sponsors. After each poem a click on your way out would be much appreciated.

Your friend in never settling,

(by preference of the author)

0. 139poem
1. 254poem
2. 91poem
3. 193poem
4. 272poem
5. 89poem
6. 126poem
7. 30poem
8. 165poem
9. 251poem
10. 203poem
11. 280poem
12. 277poem
13. 186poem
14. 88poem
15. 350poem
16. 182poem
17. 95poem
18. 219poem
19. 260poem
20. 69poem
21. 77poem
22. 123poem
23. 129poem
24. 238poem
25. 239poem

(in chronological order)

40poem, 185poem, 192poem, 201poems, 215poem, 242poem, 269poem, 311poem, 317poem, 319poem, 338poem, 345poem, 362poem

(in chronological order)

12poem, 15poem, 18poem, 42poem, 43poem
54poem, 56poem, 66poem, 84poem, 100poem, 103poem, 106poem, 115poem, 124poem, 128poem, 162poem, 202poem, 225poem, 290poem, 319poem, 338poem, 345poem

(in chronological order)

4poem, 14poem, 35poem, 44poem, 87poem, 98poem, 109poem
133poem, 140poem, 155poem, 194poem

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